Posted by: buntuan72 | July 29, 2012

End Of The Road For A Repository Of Knowledge

“without libraries what have we? we have no past and no future” – Ray Bradbury

What Ray Bradbury said is quite fitting for this post since an icon of the past will disappear forever, never to be seen again. I recently learned that the library of my alma mater has been condemned around a week after a couple of my batchmates and I took pictures of it for our yearbook. Apparently the structure is in danger of collapsing due to some cracks found on the ceiling of the building.

The cracks were only discovered after the building was check to see if additional floors can be added to it. It was a bittersweet discovery because if it was not checked, something might have happened to the people using the structure if another strong earthquake, like the one that happened last February 6, would hit the region. It also meant that this icon of our past will soon become a part of history although it appears that another building will be made on the site to replace the ageing structure.

I’ve had some fond memories of the UPCC library, since it was one of the best places to sleep study in. Although the materials and references were not quite up to date during our time (which was a long time ago), it did offer the latest newspapers and magazines. It was also very conducive for sleeping studying since only a few people would go there to do their research (it was also quite airy since it did not have any other tall buildings surrounding it)

Well, here are some of the pictures that I was able to take a week before this repository of knowledge was condemned by officials of the university.






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