Posted by: buntuan72 | July 28, 2012

Lazy Afternoon At The Mall

“coffee and cigarettes, that’s one of my weaknesses” – Jason Behr.

For the past few years, I have had increased my liking for that strong-flavored brewed beverage that comes from the roasted seeds of a coffee plant. Even as I would crave for my daily caffeine fix every morning, I normally satisfy this craving at a coffee shop somewhere in the city (nothing beats a freshly-brewed coffee in the morning)

Of all the coffee shops that I was able to visit, I found the hot mocha latte at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as among the best I’ve ever had. I normally judge the quality of the brewed beverage in coffee shops through their plain-brewed offerings and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was right on the button. The aroma, the richness and the taste was right on the button.

Sadly there are only four branches of this shop in the city, which means that I would have to be contented with any coffee shop in the area that I may find myself in at any given time.

Last Saturday I found myself going around a not-so-new mall north of the city and sadly it did not have any branch of my favorite coffee shop. Due to this, I had to satisfy my caffeine craving at Bo’s Coffee shop. Since I was already able to try their plain-brewed coffee in the past, which was not as good as that of CBTL, I had their own version of the hot mocha latte of my favorite coffee shop.

Well, it was good enough although nothing beats the hot mocha latte at CBTL. To make a short story shorter, I spent around an hour or so at the Bo’s checking my mail for any updates from one of my two online bosses. At least I was able to find another coffee shop that offers something to satisfy my daily caffeine fix.


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