Posted by: buntuan72 | April 27, 2012

Stress Relief


For the past few weeks, I have seen a marked change in my life It appears that my stress level has gone down to a significant degree that I can  sleep soundly at night.

I also lost some weight and hoping to add an ‘s’ to the ab in the future.

One of the ways that I deal with stress is to eat, eat and eat.

My comfort food list is actually rather long but since I was worked in an academic institution, I would not get to go out much . . . being a model for the students and all.

So my comfort food during that time can be found in the school canteen.

On the top of the list of comfort food from the school canteen is ‘lechon paksiw‘. I lean more to the ‘lechon paksiw’ with a little bite to it or with a good amount of vinegar to it. Its basically leftover ‘lechon‘ or roasted suckling pig that is cooked again with a good amount of spices and of course a good does of vinegar. By the way Anthony Bourdain declared sometime ago that the best-tasting lechon can be found right here in the Pearl of the Orient.

Another comfort food that I normally eat t0 deal with stress is ‘sisig’, which is not only a good match with rice but is also a great  ‘pulutan’ in a drinking session.

During times whenever I get stressed after work, I would normally get a slice whole pizza for myself, specifically the thin crust Shakey’s Special paired with a mug pitcher of beer.

Of course another entry to this list is Dim Sum, particularly dim sum from Harbor City here in the Queen City of the South. If the Chicken Rice is available, that would be the first thing that I would order paired with Quail’s Egg Siomai and the Empress Roll.

These are just some of the comfort food that some other people may also have on their lists. (Although I have a lot more in mind, including the Hamburger Steak and Beef Stew at Brutus, the Zinger and Twister from KFC, the King of Chicken . . . umh . . chicken, and many more . . . like what I said the list is rather long)

But since stress has apparently left my life following my decision to change my life and let go of my 8 to 5 job to concentrate on blogging and freelance writing, I have not seen a hint of stress for the past few weeks.

I am hoping confident that the decision of leaving my comfort zone would prove to be the best decision I made since I am currently enjoying my new-found ‘freedom’ so far.


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