Posted by: buntuan72 | November 26, 2009

King of Chicken

Food is one of the most important things that man has to have in order to live. Without food, man cannot hope to see the light of another day after around 28 days . . .

Food is also one of the things that the archipelago is known for. There are restos that offer good food at a high price, but there are also some places that offer great food at a bargain price. One such place is a small hole-in-the-wall eatery in the heart of the Queen City of the South, Cebu.

The King of Chicken is a place where you can find freshly cooked chicken that rivals, if not, surpasses the ones sold in international chicken restos. Although they offer just breaded chicken, once you taste it you would want to ask for seconds, and thirds and fourths. In fact you would want to ask for take out. The owner,  an HRM graduate, is also the chief cook. He is also known among his friends as the best cook in the batch. He not only serves great chicken, he also entertains anyone who would want to have a taste of his chicken. He serves the chicken with or without rice (not the puso or hanging rice that the region is known for) and offers you either their own home-made gravy (which is better than what you can find in the chicken restos) or his special vinegar that rivals the famous Pinakurat vinegar of Iligan City. I suggest you try a bit of both, they both make the chicken taste heavenly (although the chicken already tastes great even without them)

This hole-in-the-wall eatery is found in one of the alleyways along Urgello in Cebu City.  To get there just ride a jeepney that has Urgello on its signboard and ask the driver to let you off at the corner of Uytengsu and Asuncion Streets. From that corner, you can easily see the eatery and start your new culinary adventure with the King of Chicken.


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