Posted by: buntuan72 | September 22, 2009

Fresh Catch Off Tarlac


Over the weekend, on our way north to attend the wedding of a college buddy, we stopped over at  Isdaan, a restaurant off the side of the road in Tarlac that advertised a fresh catch. They may be talking about the seafood that they serve or the customers whose attention would be caught by the this notisdaan (3)-so-ordinary roadside restaurant.

Found along the highway on the way north, this restaurant is literally floating on a very large fishpond. You can’t miss this place since there is a huge signboard isdaan (13)on the left side (if your going north). As you enter the place, you can easily see the architecture inside the restaurant which is either aztec and thai-inspired. You can also see huge fish statues on a pond near the parking area.

As you enter the place, you will get to see a guard who seemingly does not isdaan (4)mind you entering the place. Looking closer, you would get to see why – guard is actually one of the place’s decorative statues that dot the place.

Each table is inside cottages connected by bamboo bridges. When we were there, one of the bamboo bridges was actually not fastened properly, as what one of my friends surprisingly found out.

They even had a game in the place where you can win a kilo of fresh fish if you get to survive huge spitting and urinating monkey statues. isdaan (6)We did not stay long enough to find out if that was really true. We stayed there for a bite to eat on the way to Dagupan City.

The place is not only a seafood place, they also serve bulalo and chicken. They also have their own group of singing and dancing waiters and cooks. The place was nice even though we thought that the serving time was going to be long as what one of my Manila-based friend experienced the last time he was here. At least they were able to serve our order within fifteen minutes.

isdaan (15)Another attraction of the place was the Tacsiyapo wall, where you get to release whatever hang-ups or anger that you have by throwing mugs, plates or even a working television against the wall. The wall is painted with names that may be the reason why you are stressed out. The price ranges from P14 to as high as P1,500 depending on what you want to smash against the wall.

All in all the place was actually nice. Not only do you get to have a nice isdaan (11)meal on the way north, its also a welcome respite from the usual roadside restaurants that line the highways all over the country. As what their sign says, its a fresh catch each time you enter the place – it catches your attention with its fresh catch of seafood.


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